Gaming Industry in India changing the Economy

 Online gaming is now an important sector in the Indian economy. There are present at least 628 million people who are gamers. No offense that video gaming will be the primary industry for the Indian economy in the coming years. The number of gamers is enough to elevate the economy. Many games developing companies with their team of fun gamers and technicians, designers are contributing continuously to the economy. India with its raising gaming industry stands at one of the top ranks in the gamer and gaming nations of the globe. There are several reasons why India is a game-changer.

India is a young market

India has a huge share of young citizens in its whole population, with 75% of the population under 45 years of age. Naturally, youngsters tend to play online games more than any other age group. Also, about 60% of the game users are between the age of 18-24. And that is the reason why India has every potential to exceed in the field of video gaming with its young inhabitants.

The age chart of Indian gamers states that more than half, 59% of gamers are below the age of 24 while, 22%, 8%, 7% of gamers fall between the age of 25-30 years, 31-39 years, and above 40 respectively. This shows that gaming in the country is not only engaged with youngsters but the adults and the older generation are also a part of it.

Majority in the number of active internet using people

There are about 696.77 million internet users in India present-day making it the most internet-using nation, apart from china which excels to India in this calculation with around 883 million active internet users. The majority of this number is composed only of men as there are only 33% of Indian women using the internet. Not surprisingly, the data of active internet users, as a projection will reach 1 billion users by the year 2025. Internet use is a must for online gaming, which Indians will have much in the coming time.

Mobile gaming as the frontrunner

Gone are the days when gaming only meant jumping and running or video games alone on PCs. 20-30 years back, not only a single would ever have imagined that the mobile phones on which we only communicate with others can serve as the feature of gaming, which that time was possible on computer devices only. Now, the situation is different. Online gaming is mostly on smartphones by which we can play anywhere and anytime. Mobile phones especially smartphones are much common and vastly spread through every city, town, and now even villages. Playing games is not a hard process for mobiles. On online stores like google play store or the app store where we can install a game on our device with few clicks. This is the cause why game developers are focusing on mobile games than any other.

Localized content for the Indian market

India is showing rapid urbanization in the past years but we cannot deny the fact that around 68.84% of the Indian population still resides in villages. Keeping in mind this point, mobile developers are making localized game content like poker, cards, and gambling. These games are still originally played in many areas, and now it is immensely played online. The traditional Indian poker and gambling games that our ancestors used to play making a huge round under a banyan tree is now a new genre of online video games! This is attracting native gamers more than any other game content. Localized games like Teen Patti, Indian Rummy, Andar Bahar real money, etc have more than 10 to 50 million downloads. Besides these, game developers are also developing games in multi-local languages like Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, and others so that they can reach every community and area of India.

Fantasy sports or E-sports

A platform where you can create your team of existent players for the upcoming tournaments and matches for any sport is simply - Online Fantasy Sports. You can win huge prizes if the players , selected by you really make high scores in the actual match. The most popular sport in India is Cricket, followed by hockey, kabaddi, football, badminton, etc. The gross revenue of online fantasy sports is 2400 crore rupees in FY20. With the high range of competition in cricket gaming, chances of victory decrease so more sportspersons join other sports to increase their chances of a win. This platform provides with a range of 60 and plus games players are given a bucket full of options, however, dream11 launched in 2008 is one of the largest and most popular fantasy sports companies in India, was the main sponsor of the 2020 edition of Indian Premier League, one of the most famous T20 cricket series in the world. This e-sports sector is getting more and more users and competition prize money is increasing annually.

Booming Tech and IT sector

There are more than 275 game developing companies present which were just 25 in 2010. The gaming industry is providing a successful career especially to the graduates in the information technology and tech sector. The industry is giving a boost in the job opportunities available in the employment market of India.

Widespread use of online digital payment methods

The people using the online service of transactions and banking will cross the digit of 300 million users by 2022. This increase of digital payments caused a shift in gaming companies to offer even more payment options for players such as google pay or Paytm, therefore catering to a wider audience and a different player needs. Without any doubt, different method has its own merits and demerits.

The Indian gaming regulations

In India, betting and gambling laws, both online and offline are dictated by each state. Indian states have fully permitted the games based on skills under the law while chance games are still not verified under most of the gaming acts. Rummy and Poker are proved as sports of skill under the range of some states, however, yet are prohibited in others. Meanwhile, some games are pending in the court to prove themselves as skill games.

Foreign investments

The growth of the gaming industry is noticeable for foreign companies too. Resulting, foreign investment in Indian companies has been raised. Many overseas gaming firms are investing here in India and also opening studios in the nation. Examining this situation soon a regulation on foreign investment in the Indian gaming sector is going to issue to regulate the sector.

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