Gaming Industry in India in 2020 and Future

In today’s developing India, many new industries are being spread rapidly. One such quickly flourishing industry in India is the gaming industry. Present-day, the indigenous population is turning towards online services instead of offline ones. Thus, online games are being popularized vastly. Gaming is one of the most productive ways to spend time. The commerce of producing and marketing online video games is the primary cog of the wheel of the gaming industry. There are a lot of game developers in this industry. One new developer- Guru Game is now going to put their first step in this industry.

The Popularity of Gaming in India

Games were a favorite pastime in India. The existence of games and sports in India is not only from the colonial or medieval period, but the existence of games is mentioned in the Vedic era and also in the Pre-Historic era. The British introduced the system of earning in games to the natives. These antique games include chess, ludo, kabaddi, cricket, polo, football, hockey, and many more.

It is well said that change is the law of nature, this law also applied to gaming. With the 1950s-70s, a new standard of game playing- video games came into being. The physical gaming was replaced by this new virtual playing style. Indians also experienced this gaming. 

Afterward, this standard of gaming never looked back on its economy and popularity. People of all ages enjoyed these games. However, the children and the youngsters were the biggest fans of video games. The video games which gained the most popularity from the decade of the 90s in India are Super Mario World, Grand Theft Auto Series, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, Minecraft, and more.

Gaming on PC was on-demand at that time as mobiles were not as much developed as today. As time passed, games on mobile also initiated. Gaming on mobile became well-liked. The first Indian mobile game came in 1997. As the mobiles converted to screen touch ones, the standard of mobile gaming also uplifted. Mobile games are now very much common in India, at the present day. The top favorite mobile game of the Indian population include Candy Crush Saga, Clash of clans, Player unknown’s battleground, Ludo king, Subway surfers, etc.

Video games are satisfying the interest of every person, any age, or gender. There are games present in the Google Play/App store that can be simply downloaded on mobile or PC devices. Games are present in different genres, adventure, action, role-playing, simulation, sports, strategy, artillery, and several others. Choice of all genres in video games will be available at Guru game.

Gaming as an Industry

The success of an industry is mainly based on its Economic aspects. The more people enjoying games, the more and rapidly the gaming industry is growing. Economically, the gaming industry has shown a quick upliftment. At the present day, the gaming industry has a GDP of 90 billion Indian rupees recorded in the financial year of 2020. Whereas ten years back, in 2010, it was just 10 billion rupees. Moreover, it is projected that it will attain a market value of 143 billion Indian rupees in 2022. Besides this, it would be providing jobs to 40 thousand more people in 2022 as per estimation.

By playing these online video games, the players especially amateurs get a different platform to think of how anything can be performed. The role-play genre games put a real-life relating event and the player gets aware of performing several tasks. Adventure games teach the player to deal with different situations. The best in this sequence are puzzle games, which forces the player to think of an idea to get the riddle solved. Thus, playing games results in the development of the brain, self-confidence, and IQ. Also, they improve their skills in technology.

Gaming always had a purpose for entertainment. It is the best pastime. The video games have the most interesting storyline and theme that’s why no one can ever feel bored while playing. The variety of games varies from age to age and flavors. When someone plays games, he/she forgets all the stress and burdens. Gaming frees the mind and it is an escape from reality. 

With the development of the video gaming industry, gaming is now turning towards globalization. Games developed in one country are transported to another country. It aids in the marketing of a country on the whole planet. A country gets benefits as much as it reaches the global markets. India needs to more globalize in the phase video gaming industry. Guru game will put their best efforts into the globalization of India on international platforms. 

Foreign gaming companies in India and Future

There are several video games played in India. Most of the games which are vastly spread in India come from overseas. The number of games developed by Indian companies played in India is significantly lower than that of foreign companies. The possible reasons for this can be low quality and concepts of games by Indian companies. Game guru will work its fingers to the bone to overcome this difference. The countries whose games are played the most in India are the USA, China, South-Korea, Canada, England along with others.

The more popularity of video games of foreign companies compared to native ones in the country is leading to a low increase in the market value of the gaming industry of India. The issue went in its prime from the year 2019 and 2020 because some foreign gaming companies were blamed for stealing information and breaking the rules of piracy. This matter got concerned and resulted in the boycott of several foreign apps including video gaming ones. This ban allowed Indian gaming companies to emerge in India and flourish as well as in the entire world. And one fresh name, Guru game is coming into the gaming world through this opportunity.

The coming time of the gaming industry in India will be very bright. Video games have immensely developed in the past 50-60 years and they shall develop with the same speed in the coming 50 years and after. The gaming industry will be at the top in the future and it will be the most productive one too. Moreover, according to a projection, by the next year, one-third of the world population will be gamers. This gives the idea of how successful the industry will be.

Guru Game is all set to blaze a trail in gaming

Guru game has been the favorite app since long time and it is on the way to launch 3D video games soon after analyzing the need for Indian games in the industry. We are trying our best in the development of virtual games that can compete with international games. We will be providing the best facilities including games of all age categories, easy game play, new themes and stories, simple controls, games that will cover less space, safe games verified by play protect, and numerous others. Guru Game is doing its utmost to provide you the most fascinating experience in online video gaming. So the moment is just near when the gamers are going to experience a new era of entertainment and fun.