How India is addicted towards Gaming

Gaming- on hearing this word, a wave of excitement and enthusiasm fills the minds and hearts of folks of almost all ages. There would not be any single person who had not ever played any game. The word gaming, nowadays, denotes online video games, to which every citizen of India is known to. It is true that India doesn’t come in the top 5 countries with the most gamers, however, game playing is the most favorite in India. An Indian gamer gives at least four hours and eight minutes to video games per day as an average. The gamers of India are the most addicted to gaming. There is not alone one reason for this but many.

The reasons making India habituated to Gaming

When a person plays a game for the first time, what compels him/her to play more and more? Obviously, the first answer coming into your brain would be the interesting levels and suspense of games. This is significantly the most important component of a video game to attract gamers. The games which have unlimited levels and a suspense box unlock after completing each level make a feeling of suspense to a gamer that what will be the next level and what will be unlocked from the suspense box makes an urge to the gamers to play and solve the levels to find out. When one level is completed then the mystery of the next level forces the player to play more.

The new plots and stories of the games win the hearts of millions of players. Games like Grand Theft Auto are the favorite of most Indian gamers. In these types of games, the player is a character in the game in a city or area. The player in the city can move freely where he/she wants and can use anything present there. He/she gets different missions to complete inside. Players, by sitting in a room, go to missions in fictional cities and can move freely and use its resources like he/she is a citizen of that particular area. This is alone enough cause for a player to addict to a game. More games that also provide this content are Minecraft, Fortnite, etc.

Another reason for a player to play tirelessly is the prize-winning of real money. Who doesn’t wants to grab every chance by which one can win money? And if they can earn by sitting comfortably and tapping on their devices so why they won’t? There was a time when people were only audience watching an actual match and seeing the players winning huge cheques of currency. But now, the same audience can make their own teams and win big amounts. With the will to earn increasingly, the players need to play frequently. Such gaming apps becoming most popular are Dream11, My team 11, Fanfight, Halaplay, and more.

When some friends are racing then why does everyone wants to win, keeping the point of winning the prize aside. Visibly, to prove themselves better than others. It is a common psychology of all human beings. In the modern period, when there is the facility to play online connecting to our known people together, then everyone wants to gain more score than other players. This also compels the gamers to addict to gaming and prove themselves better than others in all aspects of life, gaming is one of them.

Indian mentality about addiction to Gaming and its positive aspects

Indians, especially guardians, have a sick mentality about gaming and addiction. The word “Addiction” is believed to denote a negative quality. Secondly, Indian parents think gaming is a wastage of time and gives no benefit to the player. Addiction is not always bad when it comes to useful aspects. People just believe the conservatives which show using mobile phones and PCs to play games is very much harmful. This conservative thinking about gaming and addiction ought to change.

Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja) is 29- year-old American gamer who, started playing Halo3 in 2009 and became addicted to gaming, has earned $17 million last year in 2019 in the game Fortnite. He is now a gaming tycoon in the world. Millions of people follow him on various social media platforms. He is now a celebrity who has got offers of many shows and films. Do you still think gaming addiction is really bad? Tyler is not only alone in this race, there are millions of other people who made a successful career in gaming.

Gaming improves a person’s mood, removes anxiety and stress. It can make a person happier and makes his/her emotional state better. If the real life of a person has great tensions then his addiction to gaming gives him at least 3-4 hours in a day to explore adventurous missions and be happy. Interestingly, 55% of Indian gamers think that the tag “gamer” excites them and they feel as a cool and smart person. Making a person smile is the greatest victory. Guru Game is working hard for this victory.

Gaming is the future and the addition to it is the key to unlock the door of the future. History is witness, that every protagonist has an antagonist, not only one but numerous. However, every time, in the happy ending, the protagonist wins over the antis. In this situation also, the gaming obsession is the protagonist here with conservative mentality as its anti. As always, someday gaming will surely break the mentality and India will have the most Gamers and the biggest gaming industry too. The way is not long. India already has 365 million gamers and an everyday growing gaming industry giving the most successful games nonstop.

The most exhilarating gaming experience at Guru Game

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